Finding places to stay
We’ve booked great places at great prices through Airbnb. At the moment, if you sign up using an affiliate link they give you £15 credit, and will also give me some credit, too (£15 if you travel and £44 if you host). If that sounds good, I’d be thrilled if you use my Airbnb link to sign up.

We also use quite a lot. They have most mainstream hotels, and many hostels and smaller places. As there’s a cashback through Quidco and a buy-10-get-1-free program, for us a night’s stay is often 20% less than the ticket price.

I also recommend checking other sites, and usually price compare using and one of the hostel sites. And then booking through, if possible.

Finding cheap flights
Our new favourite is which is brilliant if you don’t know where you’d like to go but have a budget and a departure airport in mind. Put in the departure airport and it shows you a world map with prices hovering over each destination. Zoom in for more detail, then pick a destination and a date to bring up prices throughout that month.

I’ve used Skyscanner for years now, and it’s an effective way of comparing flight prices. They’ve removed a couple of useful features, like being able to see all the prices for a month on one page, so I may drift away.

Another new one for me is Kayak. I really like that they have a multiple tab system within the site, so you don’t lose previous searches when you open a new one. Like Skyscanner, you have to pick a specific date so I recommend starting with Google and then going to the others for details – they sometimes pick up flights Google misses.

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