Ereaders are brilliant – but only if they’re full of things you want to read. Here are a few sites I use to find good books, often on the cheap.

An astonishingly useful and very easy to use, eReaderIQ’s only downside is that it only works for Kindle books bought on Amazon US, UK or Canada. The services I use most are:

  • Receive notifications about price drops for books or authors I like
  • Check for books recently Kindlized
  • Search for free books in a particular genre
  • Get an email every day with newly free books I might like

Project Gutenberg
Thousands of out of copyright books in a dozen or more languages available to download for free. If you see a collection of free classics anywhere on the web, it’s probably a sub-section of this site. A great way to find works by authors who lived and died before about 1925 – for suggestions and reviews, see my Project Gutenberg tag.

For readers who are also reviewers, bloggers, librarians or otherwise read for work and pleasure, NetGalley can hook you up with publishers who are looking for readers. Fill out your profile, request the books you fancy, and let the ARCs roll in.

Smart Bitches, Trashy Books
One blog, many voices and dozens of romance novels. It’s a clever, critical, analytical site which can still get all mushy about finding the perfect book.

Scalzi’s Whatever
Every week blogger and sci-fi author John Scalzi features a Big Idea. It’s usually a short interview with an author talking about the Big Idea behind their latest SF novel and is a great way to get a more personal look at a new book.

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