Days like these

Days like these

Pregnant belly and a Kindle propped on a knee

I swear I have done useful things since my last on-site contract finished a week ago, but now that I’m not out of the house for 11 hours a day, there’s time for a bit of real decadence, too. I’ve been working on a few things for Sprout, some practical and some pretty. And this one, that’s hopefully going to be both.

Close up of pregnant belly with knitting on lap

I think we’re as ready as we can be. Sure, there’s more we could do – more we could read or learn or buy or make or clean – but I don’t think any of it’s necessary. (And if it is, well, I understand that the shops will still be open, helping hands will still be offered and even the internet will probably still be running, as though I hadn’t just CHANGED THE WORLD by making a WHOLE BABY.)

Plate of scones rest on bump

These were totally for the baby. Totally. It’s an essential part of keeping her in touch with her Devonshire¬†heritage.

PS. If the Yorkshire contingent are worried about undue influence, don’t be. There were cheese straws last weekend…

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