This is my town

This is my town

Travel is almost entirely self-indulgent (we’ve seen a few friends along the way, and I hope they got something out of that!), and rationally there’s no real difference between taking a tour to Alcatraz or what we did in Texas, but it does feel different: this feels like the most self-indulgent thing I’ve ever done, and that’s from someone who quit a good job to travel at least twice.

Me under a road sign that says Bagwell

In Texas, we went to see my town. There’s a small town called Bagwell in Texas, and I’ve wanted to go see it since my uncle told me about it a decade ago. K’s current fascination with cowboys and the Wild West gave me a great excuse to get us to Texas, and once in Texas it was an easy drive to Bagwell.

Well, I say ‘easy drive’. It was easy from the passenger seat. Did I mention that K did all the driving in Texas? Well, he did, and was a star. There were all kinds of crazy things to deal with, too. For instance, we eventually saw some wildlife that wasn’t road kill – he had to drive around a frog, a giant spider (bigger than the frog), an armadillo and a tortoise, all in one day. This is our second tortoise, which was almost under the road sign pictured above.

Tortoise by the side of the road

Although ‘Bagwell’ sounds like a typical British surname, it’s actually fairly rare. I’ve only seen my surname unexpectedly twice in my life: once in a museum in Devon, and once in Castle. Having a whole town named for me (clearly that’s what’s happened, right?) is PRETTY COOL.

Standing by the Bagwell Community Center sign

Bagwell is a tiny town, a couple of hours outside of Dallas. It seems quite rural, with few businesses and not much going on, but that could just be because we arrived at something like 9am on a Tuesday. 

Abandoned pick up truck with vegetation growing through and around it

To be even handed, we also visited K’s town. His is in Oklahoma, so it’s clearly smaller (everything’s bigger in Texas).

K standing by a street sign that says Kendrick

The sat nav took us there along a dirt track, which was quite pleasing, and over bridges the same colour as the earth and water in the river underneath.

Rusty red bridge over a rusty red river

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  1. Kendrick OK was definitely bigger than Bagwell TX. You neglect to mention that Bagwell at least had its own post office!

    • It ran out in front of our car. Luckily there was no traffic so K could safely go around it in the other lane. It was just the one weird day where all the wildlife seemed to cross the road. National Chicken Joke Day, perhaps?!

  2. Bagwell is where i grew up, the only business still open is a mechanic shop. other than that there are two churches and a post office, along with the community center and volunteer fire department in the background of your pictures. we used to have a gas station but it closed several years ago, and a school that used to be where the community center is now.

    • Thanks for posting Audra! It’s really interesting to hear a little more about Bagwell. I loved being able to visit.

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