Lodestar, Lode, Cambridgeshire

Lodestar, Lode, Cambridgeshire

Hey, we’re in England! We weren’t planning on being right here right now but one very lucky part of this diversion is that Lodestar happened in a field near us. We’ve been staying at a quirky, arty place called The Missing Sock, and Lode is a short bike ride away. Even better, Dragonette, my newest favourite band, were the finale, wrapping up the festival on Sunday night. So we had to go.

Lodestar is not a big festival. It’s actually a lot smaller than I expected, but as a result it’s very chilled. It’s like going to a park on a Sunday except there’s a decent line up of bands playing, rather than one busker with a three-song repertoire.

A small music stage under a tent awning, people sit on the grass watching

This is the main stage at Lodestar. It’s like a baby version of the tent stages at other festivals. The sound system packs a punch though, and it’s absolute bliss to be able to sit, chill and actually see the acts. Do you remember my shots from PinkPop? I mean, I loved that festival to bits, from the first poffertje to the last Green Day song, but it was pretty busy.

A crowd in front of a brightly lit stage. Dragonette are playing

That’s Dragonette on the stage. I really enjoyed their set, and joked to K that I’d written the playlist as they started with three of my favourite songs.

Crowd in front of a stage lit in white. A woman stands alone and sings.

Lodestar is tiny, and although it’s in a field in the middle of nowhere, it started packing up really early. This is Dragonette, the last song of the last set of the last night of the whole festival – and it was 8:30. We were back at the van by 9, wondering whether to go to bed early or go out or what!

We had a lovely, very relaxed day, and even ran into an old friend. I would definitely go back, take the van, and just chill in the sun for a weekend. I think it would be a real drag in the rain though, as there was no shelter. Plus, the festival is tiny, so the choice of everything is limited, particularly food. There was a Thai place, a pizza place, a burger place and what looked like a WI/school fete sandwich and bric-a-brac stall. All good options, and I love buying a book for 50p with a tea urn cup of coffee, but by 6pm, two had shut, one didn’t do anything veggie and the fourth was running out of food… If we’d had a picnic, and just been looking for beer and cake to top it up, it would have been a perfect day. As it was, I was hungry, with money to spend, not my usual festival situation at all!

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