Cambridge – a beautiful day

Cambridge – a beautiful day

We’re back in the UK for a few days. It’s a bit of a frantic trip, but I did have one moment of quiet. We were in Cambridge at the weekend (we’re now in Yorkshire) and I met a friend for lunch. As it was sunny, we took an improvised picnic onto Jesus Green.

A wide green grassy area with trees in the distance on a sunny day.

This is what I miss about Cambridge. Sitting on the common on a beautiful day when the whole city seems to have come out to play. You only get that in urban areas where people don’t have their own little patch of grass to sit on at home.

My friend and I are working on a shared knitting project – blanket squares – so it seems apt that we found this on the way home.

Close up shot of knitting wrapped around a lamp postA knitter or knitting group have been very busy dressing all the lamp posts in the avenue on Jesus Green. It looks amazing. It’s hard to photograph it well. I’m incredibly curious as to which knitting group did this – I knew people in several in the city, and I’d love to congratulate the folks behind it!

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