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Once more into the Underground

Once more into the Underground

A pink and purple sky over the flat East Anglian landscape, seen at sunrise on a winter morning from a train - the movement and reflections of other passengers can be seen faintly in the foregroundSunrise from the train – even commuting to London can be beautiful if you do it early enough.

Since I last wrote, I’ve had a job interview, received an offer, accepted it, started work and finished my first week.┬áIt’s good and exciting and unexpected and wonderful – and pretty hectic and likely to stay that way until the new year.

My new job (not going to say much about that yet) is in the big smoke, which means I’m spending a lot of time (3.5+ hours per day) on public transport and not much time at all online. I’m settling into the routine, and I love having time to read as much as I like, but I don’t have as much time for this fledgling project as I did.

I want to keep it going though, so I’m going to make a few changes:

  • Starting in the new year, I aim to post twice a week, instead of three times
  • And I won’t beat myself up if I can’t manage it
  • And I will schedule posts in advance
  • And I will post photos
  • And from now until 1 January, I will simply try to post sometime at all

I’ve got several things I want to write about, and I hope I’ll get to them soon. For one thing, I’ve been reading more, and have a number of books to recommend.