Commuting to Narnia

Commuting to Narnia

Two rows of big, old trees twine branches over a path scattered with fallen leaves.

Cambridge is pretty and it’s been pretty for a long time. It’s not a city which has to work at it any more. Walking around London, say, or Sheffield then bright, lovely spots interrupt a grey day or a dull, concrete vista like fireworks.

You don’t get that in Cambridge. The city has been carefully curated, to the point where it seems perverse to look for the beauty in a trashcan when the river or the colleges are right in front of you.

On the other hand, it’s great if you are a lazy photographer as you’ll find entrancing spots without having to wander. This avenue of trees is on Jesus Green, near the river, is one of my favourite spots – and it was part of my daily commute for several months.

I love cycling through this tunnel. I think it looks like a pathway to Narnia, perhaps because of the tall black lampposts which line the path, and I get such a thrill cycling through it on a bright, windy day.

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